3D Pumps

By request, here is my first 3D image post. This is a cross-view 3D photo. There are various ways to create 3D images: parallel, cross-view, anaglyph, etc… I personally can not see parallel images and I’m not really into the anaglyph type where you need the red/blue glasses to see. I can however see cross-view images very easily. For some people it is impossible to see cross-view, but even though I cannot see parallel images, I think (and have been told by others who can see both) that the 3D effect is much more pronounced and realistic in a cross-view photo.

To see the awesome 3D effect here, click the thumbnail for the full image to open. Sit a little more than arm’s length from your monitor (if viewing on a non-mobile device). If viewing on a mobile device you’ll need to adjust your viewing distance accordingly. Look straight at the image. Let your eyes slowly begin to relax and cross, as if daydreaming. You should start to see a center image appear between the left and right side. If you see this, start to focus on that center image until it becomes clear. When it does you will see the photo in full 3D! I chose this particular on to show because it is a great example of a 3D photo; it does not look “layered” or have “flat” 3D depth. It has a very large and realistic depth with good detail and if you can stare at it long enough it feels as though you can reach in and touch it.

Most 3D images are horizontal. Sometimes a shot such as this can only be captured vertically. I’ve practiced manually shooting for 3D with no tripod and I think I got this one right 🙂

If you can’t seem to get the cross-view 3D in view, keep trying. And the closer you can get to the screen without straining your eyes too much, the better. It’s worth it… enjoy!