Steel Burning

A few days ago, a massive fire sparked at one the most famous (or infamous) industrial sites around Buffalo, New York. Driving south down Route 5 through Lackawanna NY, one could always see, on the left hand side, the giant remnants of what used to be part of the original Bethlehem Steel complex. Old, rotting and decrepit structures stood for years and little by little they seemed to be disintegrating into the landscape. But part of the complex was still in use for various purposes ranging from storage to small businesses that were renting space inside what was now called Steelworks Industrial Park.

Many years of curiosity and wondering what it looked like inside these gigantic old mill buildings got the best of me. A few years ago I was finally able to get inside for a quick run through to look around and take a few photos. I’ve never shown these before, but I decided to present them here due to the nature of the story. I’m sure others are now also especially curious to what it looked like inside those enormous mills.

Included here are a couple links for the story and video that shows the very, very scary situation in the extremely close residential neighborhood surrounding the site. Having once gone through an experience myself of being so close to a large commercial fire, I really hope everything turns out ok for the people living so close by.

Story: Fire Engulfs Former Bethlehem Steel Factory in New York

Video: Massive fire engulfs former Bethlehem Steel site outside Buffalo, New York