Other & Miscellaneous Photography

I enjoy taking photos of many different subjects. I usually do not shoot portraits or wedding photography, but I will consider doing portraits, events, or weddings by special request. I prefer the “urban candid” technique of shooting people, rather than planned and posed.

Street, landscapes, places, objects, things, events, pets, flora, food… basically the “kitchen sink” of my work can be seen in this section.

Crossview 3D photography is another one of my passions. I’ve created some really neat 3D images, which I will feature in the blog section.

I am highly intrigued with abandonments, empty derelict spaces and decayed objects of various types. Please check out my Featured Gallery of Dereliction.

Disclaimer: I do not condone nor encourage anyone to partake in seeking out these types of places seen in some of my photos, and assume no responsibility for any dire or legal consequences arising from doing so.

Here is a Featured Gallery of more various images.