Photo Fraud

One thing (ok two things) I hate on the internet more than anything… trolls and fake personas. Especially those frauds who feel the need to boost their own ego or otherwise make them feel better about themselves by stealing other people’s content. Stealing content not for monetary gain even, what’s the point? It’s disgusting, these people are disgusting, and well the internet as a whole is just not a fun place to be anymore.

If anyone from Western New York lands here, Buffalo area in particular, I want you to pay close attention to this troll I discovered who has apparently been stealing local photographers photos for some time. Do these photos below look familiar to you? These are not my photos and they are not this guy’s either. Go to the links below and see what this clown has been doing.


This guy, “dugganphotos” is a thief. He stole from me, my friends, and a whole lot of other people in Buffalo. Posting other’s photos in his accounts everywhere and calling them his own. This troll needs to be stopped asap. Spread the word, peeps… “dugganphotos” is a douche.